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Handover Gifts – The Inside Scoop

July 26, 2018

Giving a gift to clients on the handover of their new home is sure to spark positive conversations about your company and service. The Bespoke Gift Co. conducted a survey of people who have built a new home with a builder in Australia. We wanted to understand what’s currently being gifted in the industry and whether the clients surveyed liked or disliked their gifts. 

What we asked

  1. Whether or not they received a gift at all
  2. The type of gift
  3. How they felt when they received the gift
  4. If the gift was well received and useful


What we learned


Home buyers expect a handover gift

Results showed that 79% of those surveyed received a gift from their builder. The 21%, who didn’t, revealed they were disappointed for not receiving anything at handover. A handover gift has become standard practice in the industry.

We can interpret from the comments of our respondents that the quality of gifts given were even. Half of the respondents felt appreciated and were surprised by the gift they received and the other half felt it was a waste of money and appeared cheap.

Do your business justice by giving only quality gifts

Builders like you, are constantly looking for new leads to grow the company right? You can generate referrals and gain new leads with less effort and time by giving a gift that’s actually memorable and well received.  If you are going to spend money on handover gifts, you want to ensure you’re spending it the right way to maximise your return. Don’t waste your marketing dollars on gifts that won’t leave an impression.

A quality hamper has proven success

By analysing the results it appears there are a lot of builders who need improve their client experience by improving their gifting strategy.

We identified through our survey that the type items currently being gifted included local products, wine, champagne and homewares, and most were presented in a gift hamper style. 63% of these respondents said their gift was well received and contained useful items. But what about the other 37% who felt disappointed?

Building a house is a major milestone in your client’s life so giving a gift that lacks meaning and value is not what you want. Don’t leave your clients feeling unappreciated after their building journey with you. Word of mouth is a great (and cheap) marketing tool, so why not surprise and delight your clients through a stand out gift that will keep you top of mind in conversations. 


How The Bespoke Gift Co. can help you

  • Save staff time. We curate a bespoke hamper just for you, using only premium products
  • Your gift can be delivered directly to your client’s home if desired
  • Enhance your client handover experience
  • Source products to suit a range of budgets
  • Personalise & customise your gift to match your brand and colours
  • Gather feedback from clients regarding their gift and overall service and present back to you


The Real Benefits

  • Turn your clients into long term supporters of your brand
  • Reinforce buying decisions
  • Enhance your brand reputation
  • Generate leads through recommendations and referrals by your clients


Book Your FREE Consultation Today

The Bespoke Gift Co. offers a free consultation so that we can understand your business, your clients and your budget. That way we can create something really special that will get you results.

Handover Gifts – The Inside Scoop


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