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The art of gift giving: corporate gifts

April 03, 2018

Giving a gift is so much more than just handing over an object to someone. It’s about the message you are sending and the communication between you and the gift recipient. Putting thought into a meaningful gift becomes your wish to make someone else happy.

It has been scientifically proven that giving and receiving gifts can make us happier. The body releases endorphins, a natural feel good chemical due to the experience of doing something that will make someone else happy. For the gift recipient, it is very much the same. The excitement and surprise of receiving a gift also release endorphins resulting in a happier mood and a smile on their face. By doing a random act of gifting you’re enhancing mutual bonds, strengthening relationships and encouraging positivity between you and your gift recipient. 

Besides from this, there are many other reasons why corporate gifting should be of importance to your company.

Building relationships: A strong relationship between clients and customers is essential. Offering gifts can increase business opportunities and put your company in a solid position when it comes to client preferences.

Client loyalty: Ensure your clients feel valued and cared about by giving them a gift. A client will never forget your company if you acknowledge them when it’s needed. Leaving a lasting impression will maintain the relationship and encourage their loyalty.

Brand awareness: Differentiate yourself from the competition. Stand out in the crowd and be in front of your clients by raising your brand awareness through surprising those with random acts of kindness. Gift giving will put your brand in a positive light and strengthen your client relationships.

Generate referrals: Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Leave a good impression on your clients and they will spread the word for you.

Don’t forget about your staff: Improve employee morale and workplace culture with gift giving. Recognise those who have major achievements and reward them with a gift that will leave them smiling for days.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to deciding on an appropriate gift. Don’t settle for generic and meaningless gifts, The Bespoke Gift Co. thrives on finding the perfect corporate gift solution taking into account your unique requirements.

The art of gift giving: corporate gifts


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