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Why corporate gifting is important

May 28, 2018

Some of you may be wondering if it’s worth buying gifts for your clients or not… we say YES it’s worth it! Why? To put it in short, your clients will remember you for longer if you show you care about the relationship you have with them.

According to Red Balloon “there’s nothing better than customer service wrapped in generosity”. “Great businesses set themselves apart through their customer experience”. Therefore you should aim to make every client of yours feel like they’re your only client.

There are many reasons why gift giving should be part of your company’s corporate culture. Successful relationships between you and your client can be developed by giving them something authentic and meaningful.

Deepen relationships and gain referrals

The effort you put into your relationship with a client will say a lot about you and your company.  Corporate gifting will nurture a long-term relationship and encourage the client to seek your services again and refer you to others.  Katie Jansen a contributor to says “The simple act of showing appreciation started a flywheel effect that got us more and more referrals”.

Gift giving shows you go the extra mile to look after your clients. Differentiate yourself from the competition and become the preferred and memorable partner to deal with. 

Don’t limit your gift giving to the festive season

Majority of corporate gifts are given between November and January (over Christmas period). According to Forbes contributor Ian Altman "If you take the time to appreciate your clients when they least expect it, you’ll stand out". Why? By delivering gifts to your clients throughout the year you will give them a reason to contact you and it keeps you and your company front of mind all year – it is an easy way to reconnect without being ‘salesy’.

Our gift hampers can be shipped Australia wide, so don’t worry if your client is interstate; we’ll make sure they feel appreciated despite being at opposite ends of the country. We can also customise our gift boxes with your corporate logo and branding to help keep you top of mind.

There is no marketing tool out there that will grab their attention more than a custom gift will.

Why corporate gifting is important


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