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Why quality corporate gifts are the best choice this Christmas

December 06, 2018

Christmas is fast approaching and there is an overwhelming amount of festive corporate gifts available to choose from this year. The important topic of quantity vs. quantity needs to be addressed to assist you with your gifting decisions.


This Christmas, focus your corporate gift giving on quality over quantity. Not only is it more sustainable, but it will also ensure your gifts are well received and loved by your staff and clients.

Hampers are a popular corporate gift option at Christmas time. They include an array of gourmet food, wine and gift-ware delivered to your office or recipient Australia wide. Hampers are a stress-free gift and make a delightful surprise. However, don’t settle for bulked up hampers with cheap products from random origins. Consider purchasing high-quality, consciously made gift hampers that will last and be remembered.


Think about the last time you received a hamper. Did you use everything in it? Did you like everything in it? A lot of generic Christmas hampers are filled with cheap fillers that are most likely to be thrown away, or sit in the pantry for years. The last thing your recipients need or want is a gift full of more unnecessary items this Christmas. When curating our hampers, we ensure every product will be loved and used by their recipients.


Reduce your carbon footprint and support our local makers by buying locally. Choosing local when buying food, wine and other products, will generally give you higher quality gifts.

The Bespoke Gift Co. sources luxurious products, primarily from Australian and New Zealand producers. We take pride in discovering products that are not readily available, to create truly bespoke corporate gifts – gifts that will make the recipients feel special, and will be noticed and remembered.

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Why quality corporate gifts are the best choice this Christmas


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