The perfect Christmas taster with scrumptious Australian made chocolate goodies. This gift will be one that is remembered and enjoyed by all.

Pud for all Seasons Double Chocolate & Orange Pudding
For those who believe everything tastes better with chocolate. This is the equivalent of double happiness and will leave you begging for more
Phillipa's Choc Hazelnut Orange Biscotti
Twice-Baked In The Italian Way To Give Them Their Unique Hard And Crunchy Texture, Flavoured With Dutch Cocoa, Orange Zest And Hazelnuts.
Whisk & Pin Honey Crunch Rocks – Dark Chocolate
Honey Comb smothered in your favourite bitter sweet Dark Chocolate.
Fudge by Rich Choc Butterscotch Fudge
A delicious blend of chocolate and caramel Fudge combined to deliver a perfect treat.
Gourmet Merchant Panforte Ciocclata
Traditional Panforte and Panforte di Cioccolata are the finest Italian style panfortes made in Australia.
Gourmet Merchant Chocolate Truffle Pudding
Christmas Pudding with Chocolate Burst Centre.
Random Harvest Chocolate Honeycomb Sauce
What a perfect combo…chocolate and honeycomb together in the one rich creamy sauce. Enjoy over ice cream , in a milk shake or drizzle into your next cappucino or latte.
Davies Chocolates Box
Six delicious hand decorated chocolates in a clear acrylic box.
Coco & Bean Belgian Rocky Road
Belgian Rocky Rd. handcrafted with the finest coverture chocolate, premium shredded coconut, marshmallows and roasted hazelnuts.