A simple yet elegant gift, perfect for any lovely lady. Sure to make your special someone feel pampered and special.

Bondi Wash Hand Lotion
Enriched with Australian super-plant Lilly Pilly, this formulation is 100% botanically-derived and will nourish, smooth and moisturise your hands. Lightly fragranced with our pure essential oil blend of Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender.
Bramble & Hedge Nougat
White Chocolate Nougat filled with nuts and topped with berries and flower petals.
Pure herringbone Turkish Hand Towel
This herringbone hand towel has a wonderfully substantial textured feel, due to its allover fishbone weave. Yarn dyed crisp white, this will add sophistication and elegance to any bathroom.
Little Wildling Co English Breakfast Tea
Organic, smooth, flavoursome, simple. To be enjoyed throughout the day and not just at breakfast.